Jakks Pacific Incredibles 2 Violet Doll

Today I’m showing you a quick look at the Incredibles 2 Violet doll released by Jakks Pacific. It’s available in various stores in the UK such as Smyths Toys, and also the Disney Store.

The packaging is kind of cool, but completely unsalvageable if you decide to de-box so if you like to keep the boxes nice, you’d need to buy two and keep one in the box permanently.

Straight out the box, she’s pretty awesome. I couldn’t get her to stand by herself but I don’t think that would be a huge issue for most kids playing with her. I put her on a doll stand for some of the detail pics and later on, I propped her up with a strategically positioned wooden skewer and a blob of blu tac 😜

As with most dolls, her hair is unfortunately pretty kinked at the back from how she was packaged but from the front it looks ok. It’s quite greasy with the gel stuff they use to hold doll hair in position but a quick comb through and it looked a little nicer and still stayed in place off her face.

Her super suit is really lovely, a nice material and shiny in a good way. It does up with Velcro at the back so in theory you could take it off but I won’t be trying as it looks like it would be a real pain to get back on her. Her shoes are fairly typical for doll shoes with slits at the back to help get them on and off easily.

She is quite poseable with bendable knees and elbow and her hands move nicely at the wrist etc. Posing is a little restricted due to the tightness of her supersuit but it’s still decent enough. Her mask is removable and rather than being held on by elastic, it actually sticks on. It has some sticky gel type stuff on it so it sticks directly on to her face. It is kind of cool and definitely preferable to having to put elastic round her head but especially for kids playing with her, I don’t think the stickiness will last very long.

In general though, I am super happy with her. Jakks have done an amazing job and she is far cooler than the Violet doll released when the first movie came out. Definitely recommend her!



  1. Amy Gallagher
    September 2, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    My daughter is so desperate for this doll, when did you buy it? I can’t find it in stock ANYWHERE. She’s 4 and has been wishing for one for a long time now and hoping she doesn’t have to be disappointed on xmas day. Super cute!

    • admin
      September 3, 2018 / 2:14 pm

      I got it a few months ago when they were first released on the Disney Store UK website I’m afraid 🙁 I think they were also selling them on Amazon and in Smyths Toys so it may be worth checking them too.

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