Fave “Toy Story” Carboot Sale Finds – Part 1

People have been asking me to do some posts showing some of my favourite carboot sale purchases for a long time now so as we couldn’t get to any carboot sales today due to the weather, I thought this would be a good day to start 🙂

I’m going to start by showing you some of my favourite Toy Story related purchases I have picked up at carboot sales over the years. Do remember, I have been collecting a LONG time and these items have been found over many years so if you haven’t found things like this yet, don’t worry! There are lots of great things to be found out there but unfortunately, it does take time.

Giant Woody doll by Mattel

Anyway, I’ll start with my most recent find and that is this giant Woody doll, made by Mattel. I actually found him last weekend and I am so happy as I have been searching for him for years! Literally YEARS. He has been on eBay before but always at pretty crazy prices that I just couldn’t justify paying so I couldn’t believe it when I saw him last week. He sadly didn’t come with his original hat (and he isnt a talking one or anything) but I didn’t mind that considering how hard he is to find, and for the price I paid for him.

Hawaiian Vacation Woody & Jessie Dolls

These two were another buy that I was just ecstatic with as I had missed out on buying them from the Disney Store and had always regretted it so when I found them both in such fabulous condition, I was over the moon. They were made by Thinkway Toys exclusively for the Disney Store and they both say fun phrases from the short.

Stinky Pete Figure

This was one of the first really rare Toy Story items I ever managed to find at a carboot sale. I didn’t realise when I found him that he originally came with a little cannon shooter thing and his pick axe so I never knew to look for those in the box I found him in and I still kick myself over it to this day as they were probably there but I just didn’t know what they were. He does have his hat though so he is still an amazing find and one of my fave pieces in my collection.

Disney on Ice Wheezy Figure

When I found this little dude, I didn’t realise his value at all. I just knew it was Wheezy and I was so happy to find him! I couldn’t believe it when I got home and saw the prices he can fetch on eBay! He was apparently sold at Disney on Ice years ago when they did a special Toy Story tour. He has a few scuffs and marks but he is still awesome and again, one of my fave items in my entire collection.

Disney on Ice Lenny Figure

This Lenny Figure is another item apparently sold at Disney on Ice tours and again, one that can end up quite highly priced on eBay. He is just such a great size and really quite an accurate replica of Lenny. You can look through him but he doesn’t work for seeing things closer up etc.

Bo Peep’s Sheep

I still remember the moment I saw these on a table. I practically ran to get to them lol, and I was really hoping that the Bo doll they originally come with was with them as that particular version of Bo has been a grail of mine for a long long time. Sadly, it was just the sheep but I am still absolutely ecstatic to have them and they look cute with my other version of Bo Peep that I do have.

Bullseye by Mattel

This large plastic Bullseye Figure is by Mattel and he is just really lovely. He is a great size, works really well with all the regular sized Woody’s and Jessie’s etc and although he is all plastic, it does mean he stands really well with no problems which is always great for photos etc. His front legs can also bend too which is cute for posing.

Changing Faces Chunk by Mattel

I love this dude because he really is a chunk! Such a great size! He was made by Mattel and he has a lever on his back to change his face from happy to angry. He is a little bit scuffed and worn but he is still an amazing figure and find.

Rocky Gibraltar Figures

Rocky was another character I was searching for for a long time and although there is still a particular version of him that I really want, I absolutely adore these two. I don’t know who made the bigger one but the smaller one is from the Buddy figures range and is just so cute!

Disney Parks Wheezy Plush

This is another one that I can still remember the moment I found him because I’d arrived late to the carboot sale so I wasn’t expecting to find much as I knew the dealers (groups of people that go round buying anything Character related to sell on eBay etc) would have cleared most stuff out by that time, but this guy was sitting in full view on a table and I couldn’t believe it! I think people just thought he was some random penguin plush but luckily I knew exactly what/who he was! He still has his Disney Parks tag on the back, and he has a squeaker inside him too 🙂

Bashful Woody Figure

This figure probably isn’t exciting to many people as I don’t think it’s particularly rare or sought after but I just adore it because I think Woody just looks so adorable and its always been one of my favourite moments in the first film, when he goes all blushing and bashful with Bo.

Fisher Price Toddle Tots

They may not be feature characters in any of the movies but I just love these little cuties and they can be quite hard to come by now so I’m always pleased when I find some. They look so cute dotted around on my collection shelves too.

Fisher Price Toddle Tots Firetruck

That brings me on to this vintage Toddle Tots firetruck that I found one day for 50p!! I was so so excited and it’s in fantastic condition and was complete with all the original figures. Again, they can be quite hard to come by now so it was a really thrilling find.

Mini Dolly Plush

This little cutie was released at the Disney Store and she may be small but she is just so sweet. She is so detailed and soft, especially considering her dinky size. Really happy to have her in my collection.

Toy Story Scenes Mug

Finally, this beautiful mugs is not only one of my favourite carboot sale finds, it’s also one of my favourite mugs in my whole collection. I have no idea where it was from or who made it as all it says on the bottom is “Made in England” but it’s such a beautiful design with the clouds background and the different pictures scenes from the movie around the sides. You can’t see from these pictures but it also has a gold rim inside. It would be the sort of mug I’d prefer to drink tea from as it’s not too thick and bulky, but I won’t ever use it to drink from. It’s display only as it’s just too beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed part one of my fave Toy Story carboot sale finds. I called it Part 1 as there are so many more things I want to show, plus I will do posts like this for finds from other Pixar movies too, so I hope you will look forward to seeing more in the future 🙂

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  1. Disney Mummy Abs
    June 21, 2018 / 7:43 am

    So many amazing car boot finds…I love our car boots every weekend!! Brill blog post huni…Thank you for sharing

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