NECA 7” Gremlins “Gizmo” Action Figure

Gremlins has been a favourite film of mine since I was a small child when I fell in love with the adorable Gizmo. I’ve wanted a decent Gizmo Figure for a while and when I saw this one from NECA I thought I’d give it a go.

It comes in a nice presentation box with cool artwork from the film on it, and the front opens like a book to show the the figure inside the box through a window.

The Figure comes with four interchangeable faceplates with different expressions on them, plus some accessories which include a candy cane, a trumpet, his little pencil arrow and bow, and a Santa hat. The eyes are on a mechanism and on the back of his head is a ball that you move with your finger that moves his eyes into different positions.

It’s a nice figure and nicely detailed, but there are several issues with it that do make it quite disappointing. The faceplates are easy to change but the eyes are set too far back and so you can hardly see them, especially in photos, the just end up looking like dark eye sockets. That’s my biggest issue wth the Figure and is really quite a let down. I’m contemplating modifying it to remove the eyes and use some glass eyes instead held in by putty which would mean manually positing them each time I wanted to change them but if it means the eyes would actually be visibly, I don’t mind doing that. I’m just annoyed I’m having to even think about doing it because it’s not the cheapest figure so I feel this should be better. The other issue is that he can’t hold any of the accessories. The Santa hat fits on ok, but he can’t hold any of the other accessories in his hands which makes them kind of pointless. I managed to balance the bow on his hand for one picture but that was it. I’ll have to use blu-tack if I want him to hold any of the others in photos on the future.

Generally he’s a fun figure but I wouldn’t recommend getting him unless you find him for a cheaper price (luckily mine was slightly cheaper than normal when I ordered him on Amazon but I’d have liked to have paid even less given his faults), and unless you are willing to have to put in a bit of work to modify him or position him for photos etc.


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