Mickey Memories Collection – April Plush & Pins

Most Disney fans should know by now about the Mickey Memories Collection that Disney Store is releasing each month throughout 2018. Every month, they release a new Mickey Mouse plush and matching mug and set of three pins. They are designed to represent a different era each month. I knew I wouldn’t be able to collect each month so I decided I at least wanted to try and get some items from the April release as it’s my birthday month.

The April collection was designed to represent the 1940s and their advances in aviation. I decided just to get the plush and pins from the collection and was lucky enough to be able to order them online on the day of release. They arrived today and are absolutely stunning so I thought I’d Share some pictures of them with you, even though you’ll most likely have seen them all over Instagram now 😂 Mickey is made out of fake leather but he feels really lovely and high quality and Imjust love his aviator style design. He looks a lot like chocolate too which is gorgeous 😍 The pins are also a really lovely design and I love that one of them is of one of my most favourite Mickey phrases, “Oh Boy!”. I have seen previews of May and June’s collections and I am seriously tempted to get the plush and pins from those too. I’m not sure if I can justify both months though so at the moment I am leaning more towards the June collection but we’ll have to see what happens!

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