My Disney Store Birthday Wish List 2018

It’s  my birthday this month so I did what I usually do and had a little browse of the Disney Store website and made a wish list of some of their current products that I love. Unfortunately I won’t be getting any of it as gifts as there are only a very few people I ever receive gifts from and I know they won’t be getting me any of this, so I’ll have to buy some gifts from me to me when Disney Store send me my birthday discount code 😂🙈 But anyway, here are some of my favourite things they have online at the moment:

1. Woody Notebook – This is top of the list as not only is it just generally gorgeous (and I have a slight obsession with notebooks), it is also of my most favourite character of all time; Woody. I’ve heard reports too that it is beautiful in person so I will definitely be treating myself to this one!

2. Danielle Nicole The Princess and the Frog Crossbody Bag – I have three Danielle Nicole bags now and I love them so much. As soon as I saw this one featuring one of my all time fave princesses, I knew it was going on my wish list ASAP! It’s just so beautiful, and I know it will be roomy too as one of the bags I already have is one of these round ones. It’s just beautiful 😍

3. Ufufy Tumbler with Straw – Ufufy are a current obsession of mine so combining them with another obsession of plastic drinks tumblers makes this a definite wish list item! It features cute art of Mickey and Friends in their Ufufy form.

4. Fabulous Lightning McQueen Pull-back Stunt Racer – This toy just looks really cool and I especially love merch of Lightning in his blue Fabulous Lightning McQueen colour-Way. Apparently it has driving action AND the exhausts light up. Sounds awesome!

5. Animator’s Collection Lilo And Stitch Micro Playset – I LOVE the little animator’s Collection Micro playsets. The only one I have so far is the Frozen one but I definitely want to get more soon and I think this one is next on my list! I love the movie and this Playset has a few special features which makes it look extra cool. It plays music (Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride) as well as lights up and a few other cool things.

6. Disney Pixar Up Wooden Collectibles – I’d absolutely love this set of Limited Edition wooden figures of Carl and Russel from Up. They look so lovely and there are only 400 sets worldwide (and only 100 in Europe) but they are quite pricey so sadly I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them. I had to feature the, though as they look so cool. There is a Cars set available too that I’d also love to own.

7. Oh My Disney The Little Mermaid Drink Sleeves Set – I love all the new Oh My Disney Stuff that’s been coming out lately and these drink sleeves look so cool. They’d actually be really useful to me too because holding cold cans can actually be very painful for me due to my illness so these would be an ideal practical but cute solution!

8. Oh My Disney Brave Wallet – Another item from the Oh My Disney range but look how gorgeous it is! Really really love this and it’s so exciting to see Merida and Brave represented as they often get overlooked.

9. Animator’s Collection Little Micro Collectibles – These blond box animator Micro figures they have been doing are SO adorable. I have held off on getting any so far as I have rubbish luck with blind bags/boxes usually and always end up with ones I don’t really want, but I may have to try my luck with this particular wave soon. The three I want for these wave are Mike, Boo and Boo’s door.

10. Mickey Mouse Small Ufufy – I adore Ufufy and have quite a few already but somehow I still haven’t got round to getting my beloved Mickey in Ufufy form yet so I definitely need to get this little guy soon.

11. Toy Story Watch by Neff – I generally don’t wear watches as I just forget to put them on, but if I had this beauty I know I’d remember to put it on every day because it’s just so awesome! There are some other awesome items in the Neff range too that I’d love, such as the cap and the Buzz Lightyear t-shirt.

12. Hamm Mini Bean Bag – I do have a few different Hamm plushies in my collection already but this one they released recently just looks so cute that I feel I need him too 😂 He looks like a lovely texture and has a cute little face. He may need to come and live here in the near future!


  1. Gems8702
    April 8, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    What an amazing birthday list, I too am loving the animators range, I got two blue ones and one pink one I have not saw any purple ones yet. I got the advent calendar for Christmas so I can add these blind bags ones to the collection now 😂 I am quite the blind bag collector lol
    I finally found the mystery mini afternoon collection in Disney store I saw you mentioned those coming out a while ago.

  2. April 15, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    My birthdays this month too and my wishlist is huge but the Oh My Disney collection (Ariel’s) is incredible and I love it!!!

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