Disneyland Paris Trip: Bistro Chez Remy Review

My Mum and I recently came back from a short visit to Disneyland Paris (3 nights but 2 days in the parks) and I thought I’d do a series of posts about some of our experiences there, starting with a review of our visit to Bistro Chez Remy. It was the only restaurant that we booked as it was the only one I really really wanted to eat at, so we booked it for the evening of our first day in the parks.

We had reserved our table for 6:30pm But we were ready early at about 6pm so we went in then to see if they could seat us early and luckily they could. Whilst we were waiting, lots of people without reservations were coming in to see if they could eat there but they were all turned away. When you first enter, there is a waiting area which has really cool pictures and “certificates” on the walls, as well as a framed “Anyone Can Cook” book which was a really fun touch. I wasn’t able to take pictures of it all as there were so many people waiting but these few give you a bit of an idea.

Inside the actual dining part of the restaurant, it’s styled to make you seem like you are rat sized. There are several different styles of seating areas that you could end up in including these really cool booths with big dinner plates as the dividers, and jam jar lid style tables with huge cocktail umbrellas and chairs that looked like they were made from bottle caps.  Unfortunately we didn’t end up in any of these areas as there were only two of us so we just ended up at a regular table with bottle cap chairs but it was still cute and fun to look around at the surrounding decor. The lighting in there was like huge fairy lights which was really pretty.

We ordered from the set Remy and Emile menus; which had the same choices of food but the Remy one was two courses for 31.99 euros and the Emile menu was three courses for 39.99 euros. We didn’t have a meal plan so we were paying these prices directly. For starter, my Mum had the Mixed Greens Salad and I had the soup of the day which was Carrot and Gingerbread. Mum’s salad looked nice and she enjoyed it, and I wasn’t sure about the soup when they said what flavour it was but it actually wasn’t too bad. Not the nicest soup I have ever had but it was ok. They also brought a huge basket of bread which was ok but it was very chewy. For mains, we both had Steak and Fries. The steaks were cooked beautifully and were so tasty. The chips were really nice too, and I chose a Brie sauce for my Steak (it comes separately in a pot so you can pour on as much as you like) and it was absolutely delicious! They also came with a little dish of Ratatouille which my Mum really enjoyed but I wasn’t keen on it. Finally, for dessert I had the chocolate cake and custard. The cake itself was lovely and spongy and quite gooey in the middle, more like a sponge pudding; and it was nice and warm. The custard was not warm though and was more like melted vanilla ice cream but it was really nice and went well with the cake.

In general, the experience was fantastic. The theming and atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely and most of the food was absolutely delicious. I would definitely always book to eat there if we went to Disneyland Paris again. The one largely negative aspect was the extremely slow service. I dont know if they were having staffing issues that night perhaps as not only was service very slow, but they were turning people away despite there being so many empty tables. We had originally booked for 6:30pm and were told that would be more than enough time for us to have our meal and be out in time to go and watch Illuminations at 8pm. However, despite going in half an hour early at 6:00pm, we were not out of there until around 8:15pm so Illuminations was well under way when we got out and due to my disability, there was no way I could walk quickly enough to get back to the other park to try and watch some of it. So that was pretty disappointing as I had been really looking forward to Illuminations. However, it did mean that we were able to ride Ratatouille again after our meal which was a nice ending to the experience. Despite that issue, I would still definitely recommend it as a place to eat but just be careful about what time you book if you want to be out in time to see Illuminations on a week night at 8pm. Illuminations is at 10pm on Saturday’s so it wouldn’t be as much of a rush then so maybe it would be better to book on a Saturday in future.


  • Wonderful theming and atmosphere
  • (Mostly) delicious food
  • Kids menu looked quite “normal” in comparison to some places so possibly a good option for fussier eaters
  • Some good mementos you can bring home (the napkins and the little plastic food picks)


  • Generally seems that you must pre-book, difficult to walk in and get a table
  • Service was very slow when we went
  • If you are a small group, it’s unlikely you’ll get seated at one of the cooler themed seating areas
  • The toilets were disgusting when we went

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