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One of my aims this year is to support more small businesses so I thought I’d start doing some posts about some of my favourite shops that I thought you guys might enjoy too.

In this post, I am focusing on some of my favourite UK based shops that sell Disney related clothing. I will do other posts in the future for some international shops, and for other product types and fandoms so keep an eye out for those!

1. Magical Thunder Press – These guys make the most awesome Disney inspired pins and tees (as well as for other fandoms such as Stranger Things). I have their Rainbow Lightsaber pin and a Peter Pan inspired tee already and am waiting for a few other pins from them, but their products are seriously so awesome and colourful. They have recently released a super snazzy Princess and the Frog valentine inspired tee but unfortunately the ore-order has closed now but make sure you keep checking their shop if you want one as they have ordered a handful of extra sizes but I’m sure those will sell out super fast when they arrive so you’ll need to be quick! They have also shared a few hints on their insta for upcoming product ranges, including a Toy Story/Jurassic Park cross over which I am particularly excited about!

2. Thrift Company – Thrift Company make awesome Disney (and other popular culture) inspired patch pocket tees. I have their Up bundle that they sold a while ago (the may still have some left if you check their Etsy store), and their Hunny pot enamel pin they released in conjunction with TEEQ (see below), but they have a Pixar pals mystery tee selection coming in February that I can’t wait to see, as well as an upcoming collab with Magical Thunderpress and Ears by Erin that will apparently be perfect for the Flower & Garden Festival at Walk Disney World. They also do some designs in kids sizes too which is nice if you are looking for coordinating family outfits for your next Disney trip!

3. Alice Vitrum Apparel – Alice sells awesome Disney (and other popular culture) inspired pins, tees and prints. She recently released a Princess Leia tee and pin that can both be pre-ordered at the moment, and some of her earlier t-shirt designs are on sale at the moment for only £6 and are designs that will be discontinued so head on over fast to check them out! She is also thinking about re-releasing two of her older designs so if you are a fan of Hercules or a Goofy Movie, check out her insta account to let her know that you’d love to see them! This post is meant to be focusing on clothing this time but I will also say that she has a pin pre-order open8ng on Friday (26th Jan) for the cutest Porg inspired pin!!

4. TEEQ – TEEQ sell awesome Disney (and other) inspired clothing and pins. I have their Pizza Planet Truck tee and the Hunny pot pin they released with Thrift Co and both are seriously awesome. Most of their designs are printed vinyl on to the tees but they just released an incredible new Monsters Inc range which feayur3s the cutest embroidered Mike and Sulley designs!! Just look at how adorable Sulley is there! The Monsters Inc range is available on tees and jumpers and I have actually already pre-ordered a Sulley jumper but I definitely want to get a Mike one in the future when I next have funds again!

5. Popcorn Clothing – I only discovered this shop in the last few days but I am in love with their products already! They have so many awesome Disney Parks inspired designs, as well as this absolutely  beautiful Coco inspired one, and an awesome Ratouille inspired design that I have my eye on too! Some of their designs, including the Coco design, are available as jumpers as well as tees; and they even have two watch designs available also! I definitely hope to place an order soon if I can budget it in before my trip to Disneyland Paris as I’d love to wear the Ratatouille one when we go for dinner at Chez Remy!

6. The Happiest Fitness Co. – If like me you are fitness phobic, please don’t be put off by the name of this company because their designs are perfectly suitable for wearing at any time, even when your only form of exercise is moving your fingers slightly to click continue on the remote when Netflix rudely asks you if you are still watching 😂 But seriously, they make gorgeous tees, caps and more that if you were to wear them when exercising, would surely inspire you to kick some ass! My particular favourites are the honey pot design, and this gorgeous rainbow Love Yourself design with hidden Mickey ears that I may have to treat myself to in the future to inspire me during my physiotherapy sessions! (And just to clarify, I do exercise more than I may have suggested lol, just differently, due to my illness and disability)

7. Kasper and Lily – Again, this is another shop I just discovered recently but they have some really cute designs that I really love because a lot of them are Pixar inspired!! They make t-shirts in a variety of cool designs and colours but some of my personal favourites are the “To Infinity and Beyond” Buzz silhouette design, and the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”design you can see in the picture here which features many of my favourite characters. They also do a Gaston inspired design that I’m sure a lot of you will love and that I bet would be fabulous to wear if you were planning to do a meet and greet with him in your next part trip as I’m sure it would encourage so,e great interaction from him. Make sure you check them out!

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    Hi !
    I’m discovering a few sellers this way, I’ll have to check this out and find some exclusive content ^^.
    Thank you for the sharing 😉

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