Rewind Week 2 – Day 1 (Koosh Balls and Barney)

I’m having another Rewind Week on my Instagram account this week! Today’s topics are Koosh balls, and Barney the Dinosaur! On this post, you can find some recommended videos on YouTube relating to our topics, plus today’s colouring sheet to download which is Barney the Dinosaur themed!

Recommended YouTube Viewing:

Colouring Sheet:

Today’s colouring sheet features the beloved purple dinosaur Barney, plus his friends Baby Bop and BJ. You can download the PDF file below:

Download the PDF file!

The colouring sheet was drawn by me, and is not associated with PBS etc. in any way. It is fan art. Please do not redistribute it anywhere. It is free to download but I have a Kofi where you can “buy me a coffee” if you want to show your support for the content I create for you.

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