Geek Gear World of Wizardry Box – Feb 2018

After the huge disappointment of January’s World of Wizardry Box, I was really worried about receiving February’s Box but I am pleased to report that this one is WAY better!

The first item I found when I opened the box was this set of A4 colouring in posters. They were on top of the tissue paper so they were literally the first thing you seen when you opened the box. I love colouring in so I was pleased with these and the pictures all look pretty cool.

Next under the tissue paper were the t-shirts (yes, more than one this month!) but I’ll show you those later. Next I will show you the artwork for this month which is this awesome framed Quibbler front page print. It’s really lovely and feels good quality. It’s going to look awesome up on the wall!

Next up is the first recipe for the recipe folder, and it’s for Pumpkin Pasties. They look really delicious and I will definitely have a go at making them.

The second recipe is my favourite though as it’s for filled chocolate frogs 😍 It gives the recipe for two different fillings (salted caramel and hazelnut caramel) and it comes with th plastic frog shaped moulds too!! Definitely going to be trying these, with both fillings!

The pins for this month are pretty cool too. It’s a set of head boy and head girl pins in your house colours (so I have the yellow ones for Hufflepuff). I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with the head boy pin but it’s still cool to have the pair. They are a really nice size too.

Next is an item from their new handmade range they are doing and for me I’m afraid it’s the least favourite item of the box again. The design is really lovely but the material just feels really cheap again, so I’m not thrilled about it but I definitely prefer it to the candle and bath bomb from last month.

Now on to the t-shirts! The first one is this black one with death eater artwork on the front. I don’t normally get things to do with the villains but I have to say I really love this t-shirt! The artwork is beautiful and the colours are gorgeous.

My fave t-shirt of the two though is definitely this one which is grey with a Dobby design on it. Dobby is one of my all-time fave characters so super pleased with it and can’t wait to wear it!

In general, I am much happier with this box than January’s. I was considering cancelling my subscription after January’s box but I am glad I waited for this one as it’s much better. I’m not crazy about the handmade range of products they have started including but if it’s just one item per box from now on, hopefully it won’t be a big issue and hopefully the quality will improve anyway. I’ll definitely keep my subscription going to get March’s box (which will apparently include another wand!) and review it then. Below is a picture of The inside of the box leaflet that gives you a bit more information about each of this month’s products.

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