Woody’s Whip Up’s! – Pumpkin Cards

It’s Wednesday so it’s time for another instalment of Woody’s Whip Up’s! Today, Woody is showing you how to make pumpkin print cards, with special guest Forky!

If you follow me on Instagram, there is a Reel video showing how to make them, or you can check out the instructions below:

You will need: Blank cards, an apple, scissors, glue, a black sharpie or felt marker, googly eyes, green & brown pipe cleaners.

Step One. Take the apple and cut it in half like so (ask an adult to help!)

Step Two. Splodge some orange paint onto a paper plate (or something), and dip your apple half into it, flat side down, and press it around to make sure it’s covered well.

Step Three. Press your paint covered apple slice onto your card. You might want to push it down with your fingers to make sure it’s pressed onto the card well. You should get a nice print like this!

Step Four. Whilst you wait for them to dry, cut some small pieces of the green and brown pipe cleaners. You will need one green and one brown per card.

Step Five. When the paint on the cards is dry, glue the pipe cleaners on like this, to look like a stalk and a leaf!

Step Six. Now choose some googly eyes and stick them onto the pumpkins! You can draw a mouth on the pumpkins if you want to as well. Your pumpkin card is finished, ready to give to a loved one!

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