Woody’s Whip Up’s! – Lollipop Ghosts

A new regular Wednesday feature going forward, both on my Instagram account and here on the blog; is Woody’s Whip Up’s! Woody will show you how to make all sorts of fun things so keep an eye out for the posts regularly on Wednesday’s in the future (may not be every week, but as often as possible!).

For the very first “Woody’s Whip Up’s”, Woody is showing you something super simple but super cute! These lollipop ghosts are perfect for spooky season and will make fun treats for all ghouls young and old!

If you follow me on Instagram, there is a Reel video showing how to make them, or you can check out the instructions below:

You will need: Tissues, lollipops, googly eyes, and ribbon or string! You can also have a black sharpie or felt tip handy if you want to give your ghosts a mouth!

Step One. Take a tissue and a lollipop, and cover the lollipop with the tissue as below.

Step Two. Tie a piece of ribbon around the “neck” in a bow.

Step Three. Stick on the googly eyes! I used some that had adhesive backs already, but if yours don’t, you will need a dab of glue to stick them on. You can also draw a mouth on if you wish, with a sharpie or felt tip pen.

Step Four. Make some more! Your new ghostly pals need some friends!

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