Mattel Creatable World Doll dc-220

I’ve been coveting the Creatable World dolls by Mattel for ages but I was put off by the fairly high price tag on them here in the UK. Finally I found one on offer for a better price though, and luckily it was the one I really wanted too! The Creatable World dolls are not gendered (they have very neutral bodies and faces), and come with various items of clothing, and a wig, so you can dress and style them how you please.

I love how these dolls are packaged! They come in a box on a slide out tray with the doll and accessories fitted into their own shaped slots. None of it is held down with plastic ties so it’s all so easy to get out and put back. There is a sheet inside the box with pictures of the doll styled in different ways, plus images on the back showing the other dolls available in the range. It would make a cool poster if you wanted to use it in that way!

The doll I chose is dc-220. It has short blonde/light brown curly hair, plus a longer curly wig. The wig is almost like a hat/helmet that you place on their head over their rooted hair, to turn it into a longer style. I watched a lot of videos showing all the dolls and on some of the others, especially the ones with straight hair, the edge of the wig cap was quite noticeable but because this doll has very curly hair, it’s concealed very well. The hair is really soft and quite easy to manipulate. The doll comes dressed in a basic black vest and shorts set, but then has lots of different pieces and accessories that you can mix and match together!

All the clothes are really high quality for fashion doll clothing. Most do up with Velcro, but the blue hooded jacket has a real working zip! My favourite items are the paint splatter overalls, and the silver boots. I wasn’t sure about the skirt at first but I quite liked it in the end, styled with the silver top and silver boots. All the clothes fit really well, though the hat is a bit hard to use with the long wig on. My least favourite item is the pair of turquoise pointed shoes but that’s just because they aren’t a style I would really choose.

The articulation on the dolls is really nice too, and they can sit nicely. They can also stand unaided, however this is much easier with shoes on. Their feet are really detailed, but actually it makes them quite hard to balance and stand barefoot because they are quite curved/arched. It is possible, but it does take a little more effort than when they are wearing shoes.

As stated at the beginning of the post, I was put off buying one of these for a while because of the price, but now I have one and have seen how great it is, I wouldn’t worry about paying the full price for another in future. The detail and thought that has been put into them is so great, and I just love the freedom they give with regards to creating different characters/personalities, and what/who they are representing with that. I highly recommend them to anyone that loves dolls, and I certainly hope to get at least one more myself in the future. If you want to watch any videos showing them in more detail, I highly recommend Trixie Mattel’s unboxing video, or this one by toohunky Toys.

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