Barbie BMR1959 GHT96 Ken Doll

I’ve always been a Barbie (and general doll) fan, but haven’t bought any news ones for a few years. However, Mattel have been tempting me more and more in recent years with their new Fashionista and Made to Move lines. I love the inclusivity we are beginning to see in their dolls, and the great strides they are making in that respect. I was super intrigued by the BMR1959 range with their funky outfits and the fact they are on Made to Move bodies, and when I saw toohunky Toys show this one on their YouTube channel, I knew I needed one!

I absolutely LOVE how these dolls are packaged! They come in these shoebox style boxes, with branded tissue paper, and fixed to a backing card that you can remove easily out the box. It was also easy to take the doll and accessories off that card without damaging it which is a big plus for those of you that like to keep the packaging. They also come with a clear plastic doll stand which is really great!

Straight out the box, this doll is STUNNING! In fact, they are stunning in the box too and I literally gasped when I opened it and saw them in real life. The colours are just incredible! They have bright neon green hair (which is flocked, not plastic or painted!), and their face paint is absolutely beautiful; and they even have painted fingernails. The clothes are amazing, really nice quality! They are wearing green short overalls, a purple tank top, and a blue puffy jacket which is reversible. They also have a white chunky plastic chain type necklace, and chunky orange platform boots, and a pair of sunglasses. I’ve seen a few people say that they aren’t keen on the plain moulded plastic necklace and boots, but I actually really love them like that. I love chunky plastic jewellery etc myself and I think they really suit the whole vibe of the outfit, so it’s not an issue for me personally. The Made to Move body is absolutely fantastic too, so poseable and articulated! Honestly, this doll is just so stunning and I’m so pleased I decided to get them. It’s a beautiful line of dolls and actually such a great price too considering the quality and the fact they are the MTM bodies. I’m sure I’ll end up adding at least one more to my collection soon, just got to decide which one!

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