Theme Week: Sulley (Monsters Inc.)

This year on my instagram @lucysroomtoys I have decided to do various themed weeks to show my collections of some of my favourite Pixar characters and films. It’s mainly going to be exclusively for Pixar films and characters but I may occasionally do a week of something else (for example, I have a week of Disney Dolls planned at some point). My themed weeks will run from Monday to Saturday, leaving Sunday’s free for anything else I may want to share; and during the themed weeks I will share other people’s photos relating to the theme in my stories, as well as products sold by small businesses relating to the theme.


My first themed week was dedicated to Sulley from a Monsters Inc. and here are the pictures I shared:

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Sulley Sippers 🙈 These are my Sulley themed drink ware items. I had been trying to buy a pair of matching Mike and Sulley mugs for ages but first I was scammed on eBay for some, and then the second lot came completely smashed as the seller literally put them in a cardboard box with no protection! I managed to glue it back together and use it as a pen pot but I really wanted an unbroken pair so I couldn’t believe it when my amazing friend @emmatoys gifted me a pair for Christmas, of which you can see the Sulley one here (front left). The mugs are both originally from Disney Store. The drinking glass was a lucky charity shop find and came in a set with a Mike and Boo glass but I don’t know where they were from originally. . #sulley #jamespsullivan #monstersinc #pixar #disney #disneystoreuk #monster #mugsofdisney #disneymug #disneymugs

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