Mattel Toy Story 25th Anniversary Buzz Lightyear Figure & Accessory Set

Mattel have been releasing some awesome toys for the Toy Story 25th Anniversary this year, including some key characters that come with accessories to help recreate various moments from the movies. Today I’m looking at this Buzz Lightyear set, which consists of a poseable Buzz figure and three accessories.

The Buzz figure is the same standard one released as an individual figure, and in various figure packs (such as the RV Set or Antique Store set) for Toy Story 4, so I guess it’s slightly annoying to have to buy him again for the accessories, but I think they are worth it! Plus, all these Mattel figures are really nice so I’m always happy to have doubles anyway, either as backups in case I lose one, or for modifying etc.

The biggest appeal of these new sets though is the accessories! Buzz comes with three; a space ray gun, a utility belt, and The Big One! The box gives examples of different scenes you could recreate using them, though of course, the ray gun is not actually in any of the films. It’s still cool though and gives a fun extra element for play or photos. He holds it easily in his grip hand too. The utility belt is a fun addition and just clips onto his waist easily; but my favourite accessory is definitely The Big One! It’s nicely detailed and clips to him really well. The black “straps” are hinged on one side to make it easier to put it in and off. The only downside is the straps are moulded on so you can’t take the rocket part out which is a shame.

All in all, I’m really pleased with it as a set and really recommend it, especially if you don’t already have the Buzz figure as he is awesome anyway, and then you get the cool accessories as well! The box shows that there is a Woody set and a Rex set available too, which I will definitely also be getting, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you those soon too!

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