Thinkway Toys Interactive Bo Peep & Giggle McDimples

Howdy friends! Today I’m taking a look at the Interactive talking Bo Peep & Giggle McDimples set from Thinkway Toys. There were a few similar but slightly different Bo’s released by Thinkway and I wasn’t sure which one to get, but finally this one was reduced to a great price on Amazon before Christmas so I decided to give her a go!

The box is fairly standard; basically just decorated with the logo and images of the actual product, and writing highlighting some of the key features etc. The box insert is pretty cool, showing a carnival scene, but unfortunately because of the way it’s packaged, once you remove Bo and Giggles it will be ruined. It would have been cool if it was a straight removable piece of card that you could use for a backdrop scene for photos or playing.

Bo is made of hard plastic (rather than soft vinyl like the ShopDisney Bo or a Barbie etc), and I’m really happy about that. I love the ShopDisney Bo but I was worried that over time, her arms and legs would split in the vinyl if they were bent and posed too much so I was worried about using her in photos too often and was looking for an alternative. This one is going to be perfect for that as she has no soft vinyl to split, and has proper joints so she is really nice and poseable. With a lot of figures, I hate it if they are too shiny as it’s a pain for photos, but it works really well on Bo as she is meant to be a shiny porcelain.

Her outfit is obviously her TS4 outfit. However, she does not come with a cape/skirt but the one from the ShopDisney doll should work on her if I need it for photos. Her bow is not fabric, it’s plastic and moulded to her head so you can’t remove it, but I think I prefer that as it won’t slip down or get lost.

Giggle McDimples is done well. She’s one static plastic piece so her head can’t turn or anything, but she looks cute and the detail on her is really nice. I think her scale is a little off and she’s a bit bigger than she should be for accuracy, but I don’t mind too much. She attaches easily to Bo’s shoulder via internal magnets.

When you attach Giggle to Bo, they interact and talk to each other. This feature is way cooler than I expected to be honest! I thought it would be quite basic and they’d say one thing to each other maybe but they say quite a few things and have a few little conversations which is fun to watch/listen to. Check out the video below to see an example of them talking to each other (apologies for the wonkiness!)

I would really recommend this Bo figure. She’s nicely detailed and has great articulation that is fun for both photos and play, and comes with Giggle too which is always a bonus. The interactive element is really fun too. She also works really well with other full sized Toy Story toys. The pictures below show her with the drop-down Woody by Thinkway Toys. I’m not sure where she is available still now, but it’s worth checking places like Amazon and Smyths Toys. I did get her for a heavily reduced price, but now I’ve seen her and played with her, I think she’d be worth it at a higher price too if you can’t find her on a deal. Keep en eye out for a blog post about Drop-Down Woody soon, and also the Signature Collection Duke Caboom!

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