Thinkway Toys Interaction Nemo

Howdy friends! Today I’m going to show you a closer look at what I think is a pretty cool and unusual toy. I actually didn’t know this existed, until I randomly found it in a discount store here in the UK, called Home Bargains, sometime last year. I don’t know when it was originally released or how much the original retail price was, but I think I paid £10 for him. He is called “Interaction Nemo” and is made by one of my favourite companies, the brilliant Thinkway Toys.

He comes in a fairly simple, but smart, white box; and the back of the box tells you what he does. There is no instruction manual in the box, so if you take him out, make sure you keep at least the back of the box so you have the instructions should you ever need them.

Out the box, he’s a lovely size and weight and has a really cute little face. I love the detail on his fins. My one complaint is that parts of him are covered in that kind of sticky rubber type material, which I guess they used to give him more of a fishy feel and for good flexibility when he moves; but I hate it because everything sticks to it! Dust and dirt just sticks to it straight away and it’s hard to get off, so when you store him, try and keep him in something that keeps him away from dust.

He has various modes you can use him in, and my favourite is when you let him “swim” around and he can detect stuff in front of him and change direction. It’s quite entertaining! He even works reasonably well on carpet, but a smoother surface would obviously be best. He says various cute phrases, and he’s meant to talk back to you or respond to your voice but I haven’t successfully managed to get him to do that yet so I’ll play around with him a bit more and work that out.

Overall, this was such a lucky find as it really is a neat toy. If you can find one, I definitely recommend it.

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