Toy Story Gift Guide!

My next Gift Guide is dedicated to some of my fave Toy Story themed items I have spotted! I’ll warn you that this is going to be quite a long one as Toy Story is my ultimate fave as you know, so I found it too hard to cut it down too much! As with my Stranger Things Gift Guide, it features items from some awesome small businesses, as well as larger stores.

*Some items I feature have been #gifted to me and will be clearly declared, but I have not been asked to include them in my Gift guides, I am doing so because I genuinely think they are great*

Bo Peep Lamp – £29.99 from Truffle Shuffle (Affiliate Link)

Starting off with what is one of my most favourite items to have ever been released here in the UK, and it’s this amazing Bo Peep Light! A Bo lamp has literally been my dream item to own since I saw the film as a kid when it was first released, and whilst this isn’t a perfect replica, it’s still pretty nice! It’s made by Paladone and their products are usually pretty great quality and this is no exception. I own one myself (bought myself) and it’s just lovely! It’s quite small, and it is battery operated, so don’t order it expecting it to be a full size replica. However, I still think it’s great and would definitely recommend it.

Mr Potato Head Mug – £13.99 from Half Moon Bay

I love a novelty shaped mug and this is one of my favourites I’ve ever seen and one that is firmly on my own personal wishlist this year! It’s just so hilarious! And with his hat lit, it will hopefully keep your drink nice and warm! The whole Toy Story range by Half Moon Bay is absolutely stunning though so make sure you check all of it out! Some other particular faves are the cloud print mug, the Bo Peep zipped pouch, and the Ducky and Bunny water bottle!

Clouds Print SnapBack Hat – £19.99 from Merchoid

I love anything with the Toy Story clouds print on and this hat is no exception! The embroidered logo on the front is really cool and vibrant too, and being a SnapBack, it should adjust to fit most adult heads! They also have an awesome cloud print tee available too, plus a brilliant Buzz themed SnapBack hat so make sure you check those out as well!

“Ugly” Christmas Jumper – £33.99 from

Firstly I’d like to point out that call this an “ugly” jumper, but I myself think it’s far from ugly! It’s one of the best jumpers I have ever seen, literally a dream jumper for me, and I am hoping to buy one for myself soon. Also, although it’s called a Christmas jumper, there is nothing specifically Christmassy on it so you could totally wear it all throughout the year! I know I would anyway!

4 Piece Organic Bamboo Dinner Set – £21.95 from Retro Styler

I absolutely love this dinner ware set as the graphic design on it is so fun and vibrant, but it’s also made from organic bamboo which is really cool. Perfect for the younger Toy Story fans in your life, or for big kids at heart (I would totally use this for myself!). There is also a matching egg cup set available, as well as two sets of matching mugs.

Personalised Wooden Logo Door Sign – £15 from Little Wooden Decor

I absolutely love this and it’s 100% on my list to get one for myself as soon as I can! Perfect for any Toy Story fan’s room, big or small! The shop also sells lovely Toy Story inspired blocks and stacking toys so make sure you check out everything else they have to offer!

Bullseye Embroidered Bag – £30 from Teeq

Teeq have such an awesome Toy Story range (and I own several pieces myself), so it was hard for me too choose which item to feature but in the end I went for their beautiful Bullseye bag as it’s an item I really hope to get myself soon. However, make sure you check out their Alien Christmas jumpers too as they are SO cute!

Pixar Ball Wooden Decoration – £14 from AllThatGlittersRach

I adore anything to do with the Pixar/Luxo ball and this freestanding wooden decoration that I spotted on Etsy is so lovely! Would be a fab addition to any Toy Story themed room! I also love the wooden alphabet blocks in this shop, and the Toy Story inspired Disney countdown sign is fab! May need all of them myself!

Evening Bag/Clutch – £22 by TheDressmakerStudio

I’ve been following this shop on Insta for a while now and have always admired their lovely bags and am determined to buy one for myself very soon. They have so many cool prints available but of course, this one is my favourite! The bags look such a great size, perfect for bringing a little bit of Toy Story fun to your outfit!

Slinky Inspired Christmas Stocking – £20 from BibbidiBobbins

There are so many fun character inspired Christmas stockings available on this shop, including mini ones for the Christmas tree, so I had a hard time choosing which Toy Story design to feature, but I went for this Slinky one because it’s so cute and different! It would be the perfect stocking for Poppy (my dog, for those that don’t know)! They would be such lovely heirloom items to bring out every year and pass down through the family too.

Barrel ‘o Monkeys Brooch – £11 by designosaurYEAH

I am a sucker for acrylic brooch’s and necklaces and this brooch has been on my wishlist for a while! I love items that are of some of the more obscure characters from the movies too so this fits that bill as well! It’s also available as a necklace too which is awesome! I own some items from designosaurYEAH that I’ve had for a long time too and they are such great quality.

Interactive Drop-Down Woody – £59.99 from Smyths Toys

I had to feature at least one actual toy on this list, so I’ve chosen what I think is one of the coolest ones available at the moment! This is the awesome interactive drop-down Woody doll made by Thinkway Toys. It can be set to recognise your voice and responds to four voice commands, including “Someone’s coming” which will make him fall down. His head moves too and he just looks SO cool! You can also play with him in regular toy mode too and he has over 70 sayings! I actually have this myself, but he’s been put away as a Christmas present so I haven’t been able to play with him fully yet, but from videos I have seen on YouTube, I am super excited! He’s quite pricey, but he has gone on offer a few times at various stores so it’s worth keeping an eye on him to see if he goes on offer again soon, especially with Black Friday coming up!

Howdy Jumper – £22 from DisTee World

DisTee World do awesome embroidered tees and jumpers and I just love the subtlety of this “Howdy” jumper. It’s perfect for adding a hint of Toy Story love to your outfit, and they have loads of other cool designs too!

Sheriff Pocket Tee – £15.99 from Magical Day Apparel

I love the pocket tees on Magical Day Apparel as the fabric for the pockets is printed with their own designs which are all so cool. They have loads of different designs and characters available but this is one of my personal faves of course, as it’s inspired by my favourite cowboy!

Woody & Buzz Vynl Figure Set – £7.49 from Pop in a Box (Affiliate Link)

These are a bit of a list minute addition to my list, but I actually ordered these myself in one of the Black Friday offers on Pop in a Box and they arrived yesterday and they are SO cute! They are currently on offer on there for only £7.49 and they are definitely worth it at that price! They are bigger than I expected (similar to a Pop! Vinyl, but you get two of them!) and they really are so cute in real life.

Alien Backpack – £22.95 from Retro Styler (Gifted)

This Alien backpack from Retro Styler will definitely make you go Ooooooohhhh when you see it as it’s just so darn cute! They kindly gifted me one but haven’t asked me to feature it, I’m doing so as I genuinely love it! It’s listed as a child’s backpack but I can confirm it fits an adult easily too! It’s a great size, not too big and not too small; and the front is a kind of hard shell so it feels really sturdy and protective too. It has pockets on the side for holding things like water bottles, and I love the Alien charm on the zipper pull too. Perfect for any Toy Story fan, big or small!

Cloud Necklace – £12.99 from Grape Soda Club

I had to feature this beautiful necklace as I own one myself (purchased myself) and it’s one of my favourite pieces to wear. It’s rose gold coloured, with white enamel on one side of the cloud, and “Reach for the Sky” stamped on the other. All their jewellery, pins and accessories are so beautiful so make sure you check out everything they have to offer!

Lotso Crossbody Bag – £26.35 from ArtimeSophia Shop

I have mainly been featuring UK based small shops on my gift guides, simply because I was conscious of featuring items that should arrive in plenty of time for Christmas should anyone order. However, I had to break my rule to feature an item from one of my favourite shops! ArtimeSophia is based in Portugal, but her stuff is SO good that even if for some reason your purchase got delayed in the post and didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, it would 100% be worth the wait! She makes the most incredible felt bags and this Lotso one is so colourful and cute! It’s even Strawberry scented! I have two of her bags already myself (Pooh honeypot and Toy Story Alien, both purchased myself) and I can confirm that they are so well made and actually fit a lot more inside than you’d expect! I adore them and they make such perfect additions to my Disney bound outfits. I am definitely going to be purchasing more from her in future!

A4 Jessie Print – £14.99 from DeerHeartCo

I absolutely adore all of DeerHeartCo’s work as it’s so whimsical and pretty. They have some absolutely beautiful Toy Story designs available but I just had to feature this one of the cutest cowgirl around!

Toy Story Dog Collar & Lead Set – £15-£20 from DogCharmed

The final item on my list is something for your four legged babies, and something that I am hoping to purchase myself this week for my own baby, Poppy! This Toy Story Print dog collar and lead set is so adorable and I know Poppy will look so precious in it! They have loads of other awesome designs too so beware, you may have a hard time choosing just one hehe!

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