Stranger Things Gift Guide!

I’ve decided to do a series of gift guides leading up to Christmas this year, showing you items from some of my favourite fandoms that I think would make awesome gifts! Each Gift Guide will include items from small businesses, as well as larger stores; and I’m starting off with a totally tubular Stranger Things Gift Guide, so hope you enjoy it!

*Some items I feature have been #gifted to me and will be clearly declared, but I have not been asked to include them in my Gift guides, I am doing so because I genuinely think they are great*

Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle – £19.99 from Firebox

This Eleven bleeding nose candle holder from Firebox has been around since season one but I still think it’s awesome and worth including on my list. It’s quite pricey, but Firebox often have discount codes or sales so it’s worth keeping an eye out as it’s something a bit quirky and different, and I’m sure any ST fan would be thrilled to receive it.

Scoop Troop Badge – £1.50 from Bishop, Please!

This badge is not only perfect for any Scoop Trooper, it is super affordable too! The design is great, and they even have a matching set of four vinyl stickers available, as well as an awesome Alexei badge and a hilarious Hopper Christmas card so make sure you check out everything they have available!

Palace Arcade Doormat – £12.99 from Zavvi

There are a few Stranger Things doormats around but I like this one, exclusive to Zavvi, best as the colours are really vibrant. It would also be great for someone who’s really into gaming as well as ST.

Mind Flayer Mug – £13.95 from Retro Styler *Gifted*

This mug has become one of my absolute favourite things as it is just so AWESOME! It’s a great size and just so cool and detailed. It’s so vibrant and if you aren’t into using mugs for drinking, it would make a great small plant pot instead! It comes in a nice box too so ideal for gifting!

Lights Bracelet – £7.50 from Sparkles Boutique GB

This Lightbulb bracelet is so pretty and different, and such a great price too. You can even get matching earrings, anklets or necklaces, so a matching set would make such a unique and fun gift. Obviously any ST fan knows the significance of the lights, but they also double up as being rather festive too which is perfect for this time of year!

Loungefly Stranger Things Mini Backpack – £69.99 from Truffle Shuffle *Affiliate Link*

I love Loungefly backpacks and the print on this one is absolutely adorable. Their bags are pricey but the designs are cute and the mini backpacks are actually quite spacious. They also have an awesome Scoop Troop one coming soon too so make sure you keep an eye out for that one also! If you use the code LUCYRT15 too, you can get 15% off (affiliate code).

Demogorgan Larvae – £9.99 from Firebox

Definitely the weirdest item on my list but they actually look surprisingly delicious! They are actually gummy candies of course, but I just think the whole concept of them is hilarious and bound to make any ST fan chuckle. I love how their is upside down too!

Stranger Things 3 Original Score Neon Pink Edition Vinyl – £26.99 from Amazon

There are quite a few special edition Stranger Things vinyls around, for each series, but this is the most recent one being from season 3. I love this version as it features these gorgeous neon pink vinyls and the artwork looks absolutely awesome too. Definitely a piece that would be treasured in any ST collection.

Roast Beef Tee – £19.99 from Truffle Shuffle *Affiliate Link*

Dustin is one of my fave characters from the show so I absolutely love this replica of one of his tees from Season 3. I love things like this too where only true ST fans would know what it is! You can use the code LUCYRT15 for 15% off too (affiliate code).

Stranger Things Rainy Day Colouring and Activity Book – £2.50 from Pizza Eaters

Pizza Eaters make awesome mini colouring and activity books for a whole range of fandoms, and they recently updated their Stranger Things one to include Season 3 as well! I have the Walking Dead one (a gift from Santa one year!) and they are such fun, quirky gifts! This one is definitely going on my own personal gift wish list this year too!

Steve Tote Bag – £7.00 from Spice Tag

I had a very hard time choosing which item to feature from Spice Tag as their ST range is honestly INCREDIBLE! I literally want it all! However, I’ve gone with this awesome Steve tote bag as had to have something Steve themed on the list! The Billy version is also awesome too though, and both designs are also available as prints, on tees, and more!

Wooden Hopper Quote Badge – £4.70 from CutYourPeaches

I came across this badge whilst searching for ST items on Etsy and I just fell in love with it. I love this quote from Hopper and I love the simplistic design. I will be treating myself to this very soon. They also have other lovely designs, and non ST designs too, and you can get many of them as magnets instead of badges too so make sure you check out everything they have to offer.

VHS Style Premium A5 Notebook – £13.95 from Retro Styler *Gifted*

The final item on my list is this stunning notebook, available to buy from Retro Styler. I was gifted a copy but I’m genuinely including it on the list as it’s so gorgeous. This is the season 2 version (there is a season 1 notebook version available too) and as a lover of notebooks in general, I literally squealed when I saw this one! The notebook itself is inside a hard slip case and it’s all designed to resemble a VHS tape. The artwork is all stunning and it even comes with a sheet of stickers AND a pocket in the back of the notebook (I LOVE pockets in notebooks 😂). I’ll put some more pictures below so you can see how truly awesome it is!

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