ShopDisney Toy Story 4 Woody Doll (Possible TS4 Spoilers)

I finally got round to getting the Toy Story 4 edition of the Woody doll from ShopDisney. He looks quite different to some of the older editions so I was curious to examine him out the box and see exactly what’s new with him.

The box itself is pretty cool, with a nice Woody’s Roundup theme. The same box design had been used on the previous version of the ShopDisney Woody too and some stores still have old stock left, so if you are looking for this specific version, make sure you look for the boxes that mention the interactive feature with the other characters available to purchase. His face mould is also very different so it should be easy enough to tell them apart.

So as mentioned above, Woody’s face has had a makeover. It’s a new face mould/shape and his face-up (painting) seems a lot richer. I can’t really describe it, but I do really love it. However, his “hair” is a bit of a disappointment. There is no detail on it at all, it’s all painted the same shade of brown. Although I do really like his face, I feel the other painted parts of him and his outfit (e.g. his hat, buttons, boot stirrups, belt buckle etc) are not as detailed as previous versions of him which is a shame. With regards to the material parts of him, his waistcoat and jeans aren’t too bad but I feel the quality of the shirt material isn’t as high quality as previous versions either.

His body shape is quite nice and whilst his arms/hands do stick out in a slightly odd position, it captures the rag doll kind of aesthetic of him quite well. I think he works really well for using in photos where you want to make him look like he’s been placed down by a child after playing etc, enforce he jumps up to life when the coast is clear. When you hold him up, his body supports his head quite well, which is one thing I was quite worried about as I have the new Jessie too and her body is frankly horrendous and doesn’t support her head at all! But Woody isn’t too bad so that’s really great. His hat fits nicely on his head too.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to this version of Woody though, is that instead of saying Andy in his boot, it says Bonnie. We see this in the film so it’s not really a surprise as such, but it’s still a little heart wrenching to see ? Despite how he ends up in the film, he does still have his voice box and pull string though and says several phrases. They have stuck to strictly Toy Story 4 phrases though and to be honest, none of his phrases are hugely exciting. If you want a Woody that says some of his more iconic phrases, this isn’t the one for you. An additional feature he has is that if you use him near some of the other newly released toys, it unlocks additional phrases for him (and the other toys) to say. I haven’t tried that yet so I don’t know what they are or how many special phrases they say but it seems a cool extra feature to have. Although they have Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Bo and Forky in this collection, I think Woody only unlocks special phrases with Bo and Forky, but I’m not absolutely clear on this so I’ll try and find out,

All in all, he is generally a nice version of Woody and I’m pleased to add him to my collection, and if you are looking for a more Toy Story 4 focused Woody, he’s a great one to get.

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