Giggle McDimples Pet Patrol Playset by Mattel

I’ve been so excited for this to arrive as I loved Giggle in Toy Story 4, and I was a huge Polly Pocket fan when I was a child and this set is so nostalgic! It‘s made by Mattel and I purchased mine from Amazon (affiliate link). I believe it’s sold at ShopDisney in the US so there is a chance it may come to ShopDisney in the UK soon too, but for now, Amazon is the only place I’ve seen it available so far.

It comes backed on cardboard with plastic casing. It’s pretty impossible to remove it without damaging the box so you’d need to buy two if you want to keep one boxed.

The case is shaped like Giggle’s badge and has an image of her on the front. It opens out and inside the lid is the inside of the station, and depicts a little seating area at the top of the stairs, and a kind of kitchen area at the bottom. There are slots in both chairs in the seating area to put Giggle in, and one in front of the sink.

The bottom part of the case is the outside area and has her car on a track which moves round in circles if you turn the fountain in the middle. Around the edges is a sticker of some outside scenery. The front gate opens and closes too.

It’s an absolutely adorable set and I’m so thrilled with it! I think the only addition I’d have liked to see would have been some sort of pet figure to go with Giggle. I know we don’t see one with her in the film but as she is Pet Patrol, it might have added an extra extra play element to the set if there was a Pet to go with her. Aside from that though, it’s very awesome and I definitely recommend it!

I also had fun making my own quick stop-motion video with it. Enjoy! Xx

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