Signature Collection Ducky and Bunny

Long time no post! But I’m back, and today I want to show you the Thinkway Toys Signature Collection Ducky and Bunny plushies. I had put off getting them because they are pretty pricey, but I’m glad I finally took the plunge!

They both come in these open boxes which have a Star Adventurer design and they really are so vibrant and colourful. Both plushies talk when you press their chests too and they speak clearly and say quite a few fun phrases.

Ducky’s hair tuft is so soft and long enough so you can style it in some fun ways. His eye are shiny and glittery and he is really soft and snuggly. His legs/feet are really sturdy and it’s possible to stand him unaided. The battery compartment is accessed from underneath. He was easy to remove from the box as he I just held in by some plastic ties which were easily snipped off, and he can be stood back in the box for display with no issues.

Bunny is, in my opinion, the more impressive of the two. He is huge! And the attention to detail on him is just fabulous. Again, he has shiny and glittery eyes and his fur is so soft. My favourite detail is the hanging tag and “warning” label on his head. He stands incredibly easily on his own as his feet have flat plastic bases. It’s also through his feet that his battery compartment is accessed. Like Ducky, he says many cool phrases when you press his chest. Bunny isn’t as straightforward to take out the box because as well as the plastic ties, he has plastic fastenings securing his feet to the base of the box which need to be twisted off; so you will need to take the box apart slightly to do this. It’s possible to do it without damaging the box though and easy to secure him back in so it’s not a huge issue, it’s just not as simple as snipping him out like it was with Ducky.

Both plush have Velcro on their paws so that they can join “hands” like in the movie, which is really sweet. There is enough room for them to do so even when they are both in their boxes too.

They both come with certificates of authenticity and as you can see, they both have slightly different images on them. They are in the base of the boxes.

I’m really pleased I did get these two in the end. The price tag is pretty hefty for plush toys but they really are incredibly detailed, and their sturdiness and ability to stand unaided is a huge appeal for me as a toy photographer. However, if those things are not as important to you, I do think that the ShopDisney versions of them are excellent as well and would make great alternatives to these.

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