Coco 6” Figures by Mattel

As soon as I saw these Coco figures by Mattel, I knew I wanted to add them to my collection but I thought I would have to do it slowly over time as they were quite expensive at £10 per figure (on average) and as there are 6 in the Set, that’s quite a lot of money to spend. So I was browsing eBay at the weekend and I found a listing for the complete set of brand new figures with a Best Offer option. I put a cheeky low offer on them, never expecting it would be accepted (especially as I am meant to be on a spending ban until after my DLP trip!), but it was!! I couldn’t believe it!

Anyway, they arrived yesterday so I thought I’d do a blog post and YouTube video about them that I hope you will enjoy. You can watch the video below, or directly on my channel which is called LucysRoomToys; and read about them and see pictures below if videos aren’t your thing 🙂

The figures are described as 6” but the heights of them vary. The characters in the range are Mama Imelda, Hector, Ernesto de la Cruz, Face Changing Miguel, Dante Alebrije, Regular Dante and Regular Miguel. They all come in single packs, except Regular Dante and Miguel who come together in one pack. The artwork and design of the boxes is really nice and colourful.

They are all really beautifully detailed with great attention to the paint work. Their joints are all pretty stiff but if you are careful, you can get them to bend and pose a little bit. I’m sure that will ease up over time too.

Mama Imelda comes with her microphone stand and her dress skirt and apron are made out of a rubbery plastic so they move a bit which was a nice touch. Ernesto’s hat doesn’t stay on his head very well but I can forgive that because he really is a gorgeous figure with so much detail.

Hector is one of my favourites as Again, they have really captured the detail in him so well, and his posing is a little better than some of the other figures. His hat also stays on his head really well. The face changing Miguel is really cool too, it’s such a great feature and I’m really pleased they did it to give both face options for that figure. His little handmade guitar is also really cute and detailed and it stays on his shoulders really well (as do Hector and Ernesto’s).

Regular Miguel is the most basic of all the figures but he is still really lovely and they captured his face really well. Regular Dante is one of my absolute favourites because of his awesome surprise feature which is his tongue! I assumed it would be hard plastic like the rest of him but it’s actually a rubbery material so you can stretch it and squish it and it feels much more like a proper tongue 😀

Finally, my absolute favourite figure of the range is the Dante Alebrije. He may not have a rubbery tongue like the regular Dante, but he is just absolutely stunning! The detailing and colours on him are so gorgeous! I would have loved to have seen a Pepita released in this range too (I have a feeling they may have done her in the US but I am yet to find her here in the UK) because I bet she would have been stunning too.

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