Toy Story Monopoly

I absolutely love board games, and especially “themed” monopoly variants. I have a Pixar monopoly already that I adore, but when I saw this Toy Story version on social media in American stores, I was really hoping it would be available here too. Luckily, I only had to wait a couple of days, and we found it in a ShopDisney here in the UK on my birthday, and my parents kindly got it for me as a birthday gift.

I absolutely adore it! It covers all four films so be warned that it may contain very slight spoilers for TS4 regarding locations in the movie and with some details on the cards etc. It’s nothing major though and doesn’t really give anything away that hasn’t already been glimpsed in trailers and other merch.

The playing pieces you can choose from are Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Bo Peep and an Alien. They are nicely weighted, quality pieces. The houses are a nice bright yellow, and the hotels are bright blue. There is a press out toy chest to build too that is for storing the playing pieces and houses/hotels in too which is so, so cute! I may even use it as a photo prop sometimes 😉

Instead of Chance cards, there are Claw cards; and instead of Community Chest cards, it’s Toy Chest cards (of course!). The money is so cute! On the 1s are Bo’s sheep, the 5s are Forky, the 10s are Bullseye, the 20s are Mr Potato Head, the 50s are Mrs Potato Head, the 100s are Duke Caboom, and of course, the 500s are Hamm!

The graphics and artwork on the game board and cards etc is all so fun and vibrant and it was just so much fun to play! It’s definitely now my favourite edition of Monopoly that I own. If you love board games and love Toy Story, I absolutely recommend it. As you can see, even dogs like it too 😉

Thanks for reading!

Lucy xoxo

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