*Ad/PR Sample* – A BUZZing Birthday!

It was my birthday yesterday and as promised a couple of posts ago, I’m here to show you another amazing cake that I was kindly gifted by @allaboutcake_uk and Finsbury Food group!

This is the cake I actually knew they were sending me (the others were a surprise!) and they sent it especially for my birthday so I was so, so excited! As you can see, it’s a Buzz Lightyear cake!! Literally my dream as a kid was to have a Toy Story birthday cake but they didn’t make them back then and nobody ever made me one, so this cake really was a dream come true!

It’s shaped like Buzz and has his design printed onto the icing so it looks really awesome and just like him! The cake itself is vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam. The packaging is really cool so it looks great sitting out in that waiting to be opened, and when you do take it out, it’s on a nice blue cake board.

Guys, this cake was SO good! Honestly, it really was. I have to say, I’m never usually a big fan of pre-made cakes but this was such a nice surprise! It was really moist and light, and not too sweet. My niece and nephew always reject “cake with jam” but they both ate two huge slices of this! In fact, we all had two helpings, and as a result, I’m afraid I forgot to take a nice photo of the cake cut as we ate it so fast ? So, you’ll have to make do with a bad phone photo of the inside of the cake, and a bonus one of me blowing out my candles ?

The other fun feature of this cake, is that on the bottom of the box is a fun activity! You can cut out and build your own little alien friend! I thought that was a really cool touch and it was really fun to make!

Thank you again to @allaboutcake_uk and Finsbury Food Group for sending it out to me and making my birthday extra special! If you want to get your own Buzz cake, you can find them in Asda and Morrison’s.

Thanks for reading!

Lucy xoxo

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