*Ad/PR Sample* – A Rainbow Easter!

I was super lucky enough to be gifted a selectiom of amazing cakes as a birthday gift from @allaboutcake_uk on Insta, and Finsbury Food Group. My birthday is on Wednesday so I’ll show you the one I’ll be using for my birthday then; but they arrived right in time for Easter too so as we had family coming round yesterday, it was the perfect occasion to try one of the others that I was sent!

The cake we chose to try yesterday was this incredible rainbow Skittles cake! I have seen it a few times in Asda and always fancied trying it (Skittles are my favourite sweets!) so I couldn’t believe it when I opened up the box and this one was in there too with the one I knew I was being sent!

It looks so amazing and tempting in the box, but the other cool thing about it was that you could already smell it even before it was opened! We just wanted to open it up and tuck in straight away!

I knew my niece and nephew would LOVE it so we actually had it as the prize at the end of their Easter hunt and they were SO excited when they saw it! My niece couldn’t stop smelling it whilst she was waiting for us all to be ready to cut it ?

It’s a sponge cake, with a buttercream frosting, with Skittles sprinkled on top. It’s on a nice red cake board so looks nice displayed on that. It has a card wrap around it with the Skittles logo etc on. The sponge is coloured inside so it looks so awesome when you cut it. My niece gasped as she was so amazed! We couldn’t tell if the cake itself was Skittles flavoured too, or if it was the flavour coming from the buttercream which definitely was Skittles flavoured, but either way, it was amazing! It really did taste so much like Skittles! It is super sweet, but we all have a great sweet tooth so we were in our element!

My niece and nephew don’t normally like any cake other than chocolate but they both devoured their slices of this! It was my niece’s birthday last week too but her party with her friends is today, and she loved it so much, that she asked if we could save the rest so she could take it home to cut into slices to give to her friends at her party tomorrow; and of course we said yes! It’s safe to say, it was definitely a hit! We would definitely buy it ourselves in future for other special occasions.

P.S. The cake also featured in a little photo story I posted on Instagram yesterday. Here’s a sneak peek, but head over to my Insta to read the whole story!

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