Disney Doorables! (Ad/PR Sample)

I received some amazing magic mail from the lovely team at Evolution PR and Moose Toys yesterday, and it was some of the new Disney Doorables playsets! I already have a few of the little figures from the blind boxes but didn’t have any of the playsets yet so I am so thrilled and thankful that they sent these out to me 💖

The first set I got was Judy Hopps with the Jumbeaux’s Cafe playset. The sets some with a little “house” (or in this case, cafe), with an opening/closing door and some matching accessories. The accessories for this set are a shop counter and popsicle, and of course, a parking meter! You also get an extra surprise Figure with each set, but it won’t neccessarily be a character to match the theme of the Playset, so it can help you to build up other character sets which is good. I got Gaston from Beauty and the Beast in this set.

Next up is this Frozen set which comes with Olaf, and a little ice house. The accessories with him are a throne, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the other two bits with him are 🙈 I think one is a sceptre perhaps. The surprise figure I got with him was Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

The next set I received was this Aladdin themed set which included a figure of Jasmine, and a little “house” reminiscent of her palace. The accessories in this set are super cute and include a little flying carpet, a little couch, and of course, the magic lamp! The surprise figure with this set was Mayor Bellweather from Zootopia.

Finally, the last set was this Little Mermaid one and its my absolute favourite 😍 It includes a figure of Ariel and her house is a beautiful sea cavern with a shell door and coral. It’s so pretty and I love the colours. The accessories are a little treasure chest, a shell with a pearl inside which opens and closes, and of course, a dinglehopper! Each of the houses has a little peg inside on the floor so that the figures or some of the accessories can fit on securely. The surprise figure with this set was Rajah from Aladdin.

Another cool feature of these playsets is that the houses can connect together and you can make all sorts of combinations and create your own little Disney town! It’s great for displaying and storing them too.

Thank you so much to Evolution PR and Moose Toys for sending these out to me! I can’t wait to add more to my collection soon, and I’ve had great fun matching up some of the figures I already had, to the sets! If you want to get some too, you can buy them in most good toy shops such as Smyths Toys, as well as in many supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

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