My Miniature Library – Making tiny books!

I came across a “book” on Amazon a few months ago called “My Miniature Library: 30 Tiny Books to Make, Read and Treasure” and I LOVE miniature things and making miniature things so it instantly appealed to me but at the time I found it, it wasn’t available for despatch. So I added it to my favourites and kept an eye on it and a couple of weeks ago, it finally came in stock and I ordered it right away!

It’s so much better than I had imagined! Basically, it’s a kit that comes in a book shaped box and when you open the box, it turns into a little room! The kit includes press out parts to make a bookcase, and then all the materials to make the 30 tiny books! There is a booklet of instructions and they are super easy to make, even for me one handed! The books are a mixture of fiction and non fiction, wth things like popular traditional fairy tales, and reference books of birds and a little Atlas, and much more! All of those actually have writing and pictures on the pages so you can actually read them; but there are also some blank ones that you could write your own little stories in, or decorate with stickers etc.

I haven’t made all the books yet but I’ve done quite a few so far and I’m finding it really therapeutic and relaxing too. The “room” is going to be so fun to use in my toy photography, and it’s also inspired me to have a go at creating some of my own templates to make more books soon. It cost £15.53 when I ordered it on Amazon but it was definitely worth it to me; and Woody, Belle and Mrs Potts seem to think it’s pretty great too ? There also seems to be another edition, My Fairy Library, being released in July too so I will be keeping my eye on that one!

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