Herocross Jessie

My Herocross Jessie Figure arrived yesterday and she is awesome! I actually missed the pre-order for her on the Herocross website but and I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to get her, but I managed to get one on eBay from Hong Kong. I only bought her last week and she arrived so fast, with no customs fees either so I’m pretty thrilled!

I love the design of her box, it really suits her character so well. It didn’t come with the brown outer carton/wrap like my Buzz and Woody ones so I don’t know if that is normal or because I got it from a seller rather than directly from Herocross. I’m not bothered though, the box is nice enough on its own.

Like the other figures, inside Jessie and all the extra parts and pieces are in layered plastic trays. The top layer holds Jessie herself, her two extra faces and her extra sets of hands. I love the expressions on each of the faces, and the hand options are all really nice too and enable some cute poses just like Jessie does in the films. The faces come off in the same way as Buzz and Woody’s and the eyes can be moved into different positions in all of them. I would say her posing and stability in terms of standing is much better than Buzz and Woody. With Woody especially, his legs kind of slide apart when he stands sometimes, but Jessie’s are much more secure. As you can see, she can stand on one leg pretty easily and hold poses well. The detail and painting is fabulous as usual, though mine does have a little flaw/damage on one arm. The one issue I am having is that her head doesn’t stay on as well as the others. The neck peg doesn’t fit in the hole in her head very tightly so I may need to adjust that somehow.

The next layer holds Jessie’s hat and a Mr Mike Figure. The hat is way better than Woody’s as it is held on by a magnet. Woody’s doesn’t stay on his head well at all, and although the magnet isn’t massively strong on Jessie’s, i personally think it’s much better. The figure of Mr Mike is incredible. It’s so detailed and I love the little microphone coil. The microphone can be detached from the side too so it can be held by the figures which is really cool.

In the final layer is a figure of Wheezy, and a red rose. Wheezy is really cute but I personally think the Mr Mike figure is better and more detailed. The rose is really lovely too and it will be really fun to use in photos with Buzz and Jessie.

All in all, I’m really thrilled with Jessie. I feel they’ve made some great improvements on her compared to Woody especially (with regards to the stability of her legs, and the magnetic hat). Mine does have a couple of flaws, the most problematic being the stability of her head, but I should be able to do something to improve that a bit so I’m not too concerned. Her companion figures are awesome too. I can’t wait to photograph her with her pals Buzz and Woody! I’ve got Bullseye on pre-order with Herocross so I’ll be sure to share a post about him too when he comes but it won’t be for a while yet.

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