Haunted Mansion Game of Life – Disney Parks Board Game

I had a really amazing charity shop find this week and had a lot of requests to show some pictures of it. It was this Haunted Mansion Game of Life board game, exclusive to the Disney Parks! They are normally very expensive but I found this in amazing condition, for just £2!

It’s designed so you only have to construct the board once and then it can fold away with the buildings etc still attached so you don’t have to dismantle it after playing each time. It is the same concept as the regular Game of Life, but it’s all themed to Haunted Mansion. The “cars” are different coloured doombuggy’s and it says that the “ghost” pieces that you put in the cars (to represent yourself, and then family members if you gain them through the game) glow in the dark, but I haven’t tested them for that feature yet.

The careers are all appropriately themed and instead of getting houses, you get tombs or urns etc. The currency is “screams” and the notes each have a different character on them. The artwork on the board is amazing and you will spot lots of recognisable characters from The Haunted Mansion on there.

It’s an absolutely stunningly made game and I can’t wait to have a go at playing it! I always enjoyed the original Game of Life, and I do already have a Monsters Inc version which I love but it’s a bit more of a junior version compared to the original game. This version looks a bit more complex compared to that one so I’m looking forward to testing it out!

I’m going to do a few more posts in the future showing you some more of my Disney board games as I have rather a lot and people on Instagram seemed to show an interest in seeing them so keep an eye out for a closer look at some more games soon!

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