ShopDisney Edna Mode Tsum Tsum Set

I’m long overdue in sharing this but today I wanted to show you this set of Edna Mode Tsum Tsums that we’re released at ShopDisney last year.

There are three in the set, and they are the regular mini sized ones. The box they come in has a really bold and vibrant design which I just love.

The Tsums themselves each have a different expression and are each wearing a different outfit. I have to say that I don’t think the quality is as high as it could have been, but the set I got isn’t as bad as some I had seen (though I did spend a long time choosing which set to buy from the ones they had in store).

I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for them as when I bought them, they were on sale, but I know I was happy to pay the sale price for them. As individual Tsums, they aren’t the best; but as a set as a whole, I think it’s lovely to have and they look really nice displayed in or with the box.

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