My most recent theme week ended yesterday so as usual, here is a roundup of all the posts I shared for it. The theme was Buzz Lightyear and was one of my favourites so far! This week’s theme will be revealed on my insta today but it’s not an individual character this time, it’s a whole (Pixar) film!

Buzz Buddy Figures! This little range of figures were called “Buddy Figures” and were released by Mattel around the time that Toy Story 3 came out I think (or certainly they were still making them when that film came out) and they did loads of the characters from the movies, including some quite rare characters too. You could get them as blind bags, as well as in two figure blister packs and larger packs of figures in sets e.g an Andy’s Room set etc. These are all the Buzz variations I have from the range! I’m sure there are probably more that I don’t have too! They certainly did some that changed colour in water that I don’t have any of but I am pleased with the ones I do have 🚀✨💜💚 . #buzzlightyear #toystory #toystory2 #toystory3 #pixar #disney #mattel #spaceranger #disneystoreuk #shopdisney #disnerd #disneygram #instadisney #lucysroomtoys

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Here’s a group shot of some of my smaller different coloured Buzz figures. All of them were from carboot sales so they are all a bit battered and bruised but that’s how I generally prefer my toys to be honest! I like to “rescue” pre-loved toys 💚💜 The silver one at the back is by Thinkway Toys. He is missing his visor but that doesn’t matter. I think he talks too but I need to replace his batteries to see if he still works. The beige and gold one is by Hasbro, but I’m not sure what company made the two blue ones as I can’t find any markings on them. If anyone knows, let me know! 🚀✨ . #buzzlightyear #toystory #toystory2 #toystory3 #pixar #disney #thinkwaytoys #hasbro #spaceranger #disneystoreuk #shopdisney #disnerd #disneygram #instadisney #lucysroomtoys

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Some random Buzz items from my collection 💚💜 The tin suitcase still has the original vanilla biscuits in it. The packet is opened (I ate one and they were gross so I left the rest) and they are probably at least 10 years old but not a bit of mould on them so it just goes to show how artificial most of these things are 😂 There are two now very solid marshmallows inside the zip purse too which are about 7 years old 🙈 I rarely keep toys in packaging but I left the paratrooper and window crawler in their packaging as they would be too messy to store otherwise. The small tin top right had chocolates in but those were all eaten 😂 . #buzzlightyear #toystory #toystory2 #toystory3 #pixar #disney #thinkwaytoys #spaceranger #disneystoreuk #shopdisney #disnerd #disneygram #instadisney #lucysroomtoys

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Theme Week: Buzz Lightyear
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