Sugar and Sloth Pin Party Club – January 2019

I ADORE subscription boxes and have tried many different ones over the years but the one I kept consistently was Lucky Dip Club. I was gutted when I found out it was going to be discontinuing and knew I wanted to try and find a replacement sub box so I could continue to get a dose of happy mail through my letter box each month. I researched loads of different options and came across some amazing sounding ones but with many of them, I was just too concerned that there would be multiple items each time that I wouldn’t really like or have a use for, which has been a problem with some sub boxes I have tried in the past.

However, in one of the last few Lucky Dip Club boxes, there was a pin designed by Sugar and Sloth which I adored and when I researched them more, I found that they offer a monthly sub box themselves called the Pin Party Club. Having looked at all Anita’s amazing work, I found there wasn’t a single item in her shop that I didn’t love and so I decided that this would be the box I would try.

Each box has a different kind of party theme, usually featuring adorable kawaii animals and characters, and always includes an exclusive enamel pin as well as other fun goodies relating to the theme. My first box, January, arrived yesterday and it is AMAZING 😍

It arrived in a pink box with a Pin Party Club sticker on the front so I knew exactly what it was and I was so excited to open it up immediately! The box is sized to fit through the letterbox so you don’t have to worry about not being home when it arrives.

Inside, the goodies were wrapped in lovely bright yellow tissue paper, sealed with a cute sticker, and under that with all the goodies there was lots of lovely brightly coloured tissue paper confetti. It was beautifully packaged and felt really special and a real treat to open up.

The theme of this box is Sloth Spa Day, and the first item is a postcard featuring adorable illustrations showing cute little Sloth’s in some of the different poses at their sloth yoga class. It’s so cute and I can especially relate to the Netflix Pose 😂

Next up is a button badge with “It’s time to chill” written on it, and another adorable Sloth wearing a cucumber eye mask. There is also a smaller button badge with “Naps ❤️ Snacks” on it. Both of them are adorable and I’m really pleased that there are badges as well as an enamel pin in the box as I tend to actually wear button badges more and display enamel pins, so I know I’ll definitely be wearing these.

There was also a lovely big vinyl sticker inside of two little sloth’s relaxing in a hot tub. Again, it’s a super cute design and it’s a lovely size. I’m not exactly sure how I am going to use it yet but I’m getting into scrapbooking this year so I expect I’ll end up using it in some way then.

Finally, we have the exclusive enamel pin. It comes inside a paper bag sealed with a sticker so I saved it to open until last after I had looked at all the other items and so it was one final thing to enjoy opening up. I’d already squeaked when I opened the box up initially and saw all the cute things, but I squealed again when I opened this cutie! It features a content little Sloth chilling on his pillow in his dressing gown and head wrap and as the backing card says, it’s so FREAKING CUTE 😍

All in all, I am absolutely thrilled with my first box and so happy I chose to sign up to this one as my LDC replacement. I loved every single item and I can’t wait for next month’s box!

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