Posh Paws Ralph and Vanellope Plushies

I was kindly sent some lovely magic mail by Posh Paws plush this week for which I am so thankful. To celebrate Wreck it Ralph 2 being released in three weeks time (in the UK), they sent me their new 25cm sized Ralph and Vanellope plushies and boy are they cute!!!

They are both so soft and detailed and their faces have been captured beautifully. I love the sweets printed all over Vanellope’s hair, and Ralph’s hair is so cute and soft! I also really love that their faces are embroidered.

These cuties are available to purchase on Amazon UK and they also come in 45cm versions as well. If you search for “Posh Paws Wreck it Ralph” on there, you should find them easily. Thank you again to Ellie and the Posh Paws team for sending these out to me. I absolutely adore them!

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