A Happy Halloween, with thanks to Bakerdays!

I was thrilled to be contacted by Bakerdays recently to be asked to review one of their new Letterbox Cakes. They asked what occasion I would like it for, so I chose to have a Halloween one so I could have a little early Halloween party with my niece and nephew. There were so many amazing designs to choose from, and even ones where you can have photos put on the cake; but I went for a sugar skull design in the end as it reminded me of the Pixar movie, Coco.

You’ve probably guessed from the name but the Letterbox cakes are small cakes that are designed to be sent in the mail and small enough to fit through an average letterbox, so they can be delivered without worrying if someone will be home etc. I have to say, when they said they wanted to send me a cake through the post, I was sure it would arrive bashed to bits or be really tiny, but I was so impressed when it turned up!

It came inside a brown mailing box, packaged in a lovely little tin with “Just for You” on the lid and a matching card. There were foam pieces around the edges inside the tin to stop it from moving around, and there is a tab that you pull to help lift the cake out of the tin. As soon as I opened it, the smell was glorious! The design on the cake is so lovely and vibrant too. I received a plain sponge with buttercream and icing and it was very yummy indeed! The sponge is lovely and soft, and although we didn’t eat it until two days after it had been delivered it was still lovely and fresh. I thought it would be really small, but actually it was a really nice size considering it had to be small enough to fit through a letterbox. They cost £14.99 including postage which really isn’t bad at all for sending a sweet surprise to someone. They have several flavour options available too and can even do gluten or dairy free options as well.

My niece and nephew thought it was delicious, as did I; and we had great fun at our mini early Halloween party. I made treat bags for them which they adored, especially the farting slime 😂 However, the lovely cake fro, Bakerdays was definitely the highlight so thank you so much for sending it to us! It made our HAlloween extra special this year 💖

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