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July 2018

Plush Toys

A BAUtiful gift…

At the #cardiffdoesdisney meet up last weekend, I was so touched when the lovely Zoe (@nuggetstumpdisney on Instagram) gave me this beautiful gift, handmade by her amazing Mum (@shelmo on Instagram)… No, she didn’t give me take-out food (though that would also have been amazing haha); but when you see what was inside, you’ll understand why it came in this container!… It’s Bau!!!! I was honestly blown away when I…

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Trips and Events

Cardiff Disney Store Instagram Meet Up

Since I started my Instagram account @lucysroomtoys, I have been blessed to have met some amazing people with a shared love for all things Disney. Although chatting with each other online is great fun, I really wanted to try and arrange something where we could all meet in person and chat Disney and get to know each other. I had seen London meet ups being arranged before but with my…


Holiday Hero Woody by Mattel

This Woody doll has been on my grail list for years and I finally managed to pick him up last week (though not without some issues which I’ll explain shortly). He was released by Mattel in around 1999 but I’m not sure what shops he would have been available in though. I managed to get him on eBay and he was described as in perfect condition but sadly when he…

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