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April 2018


Toy Story Alien & Space Themed Cupcakes

I’ve decided to have a proper kiddie party with my family for my birthday this year, and it’s probably no surprise that it has a Toy Story theme to it 😜 Rather than have a birthday cake, I decided to make some cupcakes instead as I have always enjoyed making them and I was desperate to try some Alien themed ones after seeing various versions of them on Pinterest etc.;…

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Mickey Memories Collection – April Plush & Pins

Most Disney fans should know by now about the Mickey Memories Collection that Disney Store is releasing each month throughout 2018. Every month, they release a new Mickey Mouse plush and matching mug and set of three pins. They are designed to represent a different era each month. I knew I wouldn’t be able to collect each month so I decided I at least wanted to try and get some…

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My Disney Store Birthday Wish List 2018

It’s  my birthday this month so I did what I usually do and had a little browse of the Disney Store website and made a wish list of some of their current products that I love. Unfortunately I won’t be getting any of it as gifts as there are only a very few people I ever receive gifts from and I know they won’t be getting me any of this,…

Subscription Boxes

Geek Gear World of Wizardry Box – March 2018

I’m quite late in posting the March box now but unfortunately that is due to the fact that, after frankly abismal service from Geek Gear, it only arrived on Friday (6th April)! I have been unimpressed with Geek Gear for some time now but the troubles with this March box have been the icing on the cake and I have now actually cancelled my subscription with them. I will still…

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